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Aseptic Bottle Hanging Machine Series

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Aseptic Machine Series

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Series features of aseptic bottle hanging machine:

GLD-25 hanging bottle vacuum freeze dryer is based on the research and development of many domestic and foreign products of this type, using our 20 years experience in the development and manufacture of large vacuum freeze dryer. Combined with the needs of domestic FDA and GMP demonstration, after three years of technical demonstration, a high-end product which has been put into the market has the unique advantages of replacing and surpassing the international similar brands. This kind of product can be divided into two types: aseptic type and common type.

1. Unique Recording Function: It meets the requirements of FDA and new GMP, and the data of freeze-drying process can be removed and saved.

2. Intelligent control mode: PLC + touch screen control mode can realize automatic operation.

3. Vacuum protection function: When the temperature of the water catcher can not capture water, the vacuum pump is automatically closed to protect the vacuum pump.

4. Automated frost function: automatic defrosting, shorten defrosting cycle, save energy.

5. Intelligent Data Recording: When the drying program is run and sublimation conditions are met, the running time is recorded intelligently.

6. European brand assembly: European brand refrigeration compressor, European brand electrical components assembly.

7. Cascade refrigeration technology: independent refrigerants constitute cascade refrigeration system, which has high performance, safe operation and simple maintenance.

8. Convenient and flexible movement: Integral structure, four sliding wheels under, easy to move.

9. Rubber valve control: Each freeze-drying bottle has an independent control rubber valve, which can be continuously operated under the total condensation of the water catcher.

10. Rich optional accessories: bottle hangers, rubber valves, glass bottles, suction nozzles can all be fitted with spare parts.

11. Perfect File System: Complete File System, improve product stability, help certification pass quickly.

12. The aseptic bottle hanging machine is more suitable for aseptic production. Material bottles are in aseptic area, and the unit and control unit are in common area.



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