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First, the leakage rate of vacuum freeze dryer system

1. Purpose: to confirm that the closed system of the freeze-drying machine meets the design and process requirements.

2, method steps

Clean the inner surface of the drying box to ensure that there is no visible water;

Close the relevant channel of the drying oven, reduce the temperature of the cold trap to below 40 DEG C, and maintain;

The vacuum pump is started, after the box of vacuum down to less than 10 bar, close the vacuum system;

After the pressure of the box is stable, record the pressure reading, keep 30min, record the pressure reading, and calculate the leakage rate. Leakage rate = leakage * box volume divided by 1800s. Parallel test 3 times. The box volume is equal to 13.7m3.

3, the standard leak rate is less than or equal to 0.25 bar - m3/s.

4, the results record and evaluation

Two, vacuum freeze dryer vacuum rate and limit vacuum confirmation

1. Purpose: to confirm the running performance of the vacuum pump is in accordance with the design requirements.

2, method steps

Close the relevant valve (no load) of the freeze drying case, start the vacuum system;

When the pressure of the case reached 100 bar, the final vacuum degree was recorded, and it was carried out for 3 times.

3, standard: from the atmospheric pressure inside the drying load is reduced to 100 bar by the time should be less than 40 minutes; the ultimate vacuum should be less than or equal to 10 mu bar.

4, the results record and evaluation

Three, the board cooling rate and limit temperature confirmation

1. Purpose: to confirm whether the cooling rate and the limit temperature of the board meet the design requirements.

2, method steps

In the no-load condition, open the equipment according to the "procedures" standard setting manual #@### freeze dryer, cooled to -60 DEG C and ensure that start to cool the partition entrance temperature greater than 20 DEG c;

When the diaphragm entrance when the temperature reached 20 degrees to record the time to partition entrance temperature reaches -40 when the record time, temperature to partition entrance temperature less than -55 degrees, 3 consecutive times.

3, standard: dry box plate layer from 20 degrees down to -40 DEG C for the time should be less than 50 minutes; drying box plate layer should be less than -55 DEG C temperature limit.

4, the results record and evaluation

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