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The attachment of refrigeration system are: low temperature freezing dryer drying filter, a mirror, a hot gas bypass valve, a liquid storage device, fan pressure switch and water regulating valve, vapor-liquid separator, high and low voltage protection switch and drain device etc..

1 dry filter: filter Freon system in water and particulate impurities, remove the risk of acid formation.

2 mirror: observe the flow of freon and the state of the system;

Observe whether there is water in Freon of refrigeration system.

3 water control valve (fan pressure switch): control refrigerant system refrigerant high pressure, a stable high pressure, so that high pressure is guaranteed.

4 hot gas bypass valve (hand valve): to control the refrigerant in the refrigerant system, namely, the temperature of the evaporator to prevent ice jam phenomenon in the evaporator.

5 liquid storage device: to ensure sufficient heat dissipation area.

6 liquid vapor separator: collect and store liquid refrigerant to ensure that only gaseous refrigerant into the compressor to prevent the occurrence of liquid hammer phenomenon.

7 high and low voltage protection switch: to protect the compressor itself, to prevent the compressor motor burned. When the compressor discharge pressure exceeds the set value or the suction pressure is lower than the set value, the pressure control switch automatically cuts off the circuit, so that the compressor is stagnant and plays a safe protective role. General: high pressure set value: 2.5Mpa, low pressure setting value: 0.2Mpa.

8 fan pressure switch: control fan start and stop, the general pressure start automatically in 1.4Mpa wind turbine, the pressure decreased to about 1.1~1.3Mpa stop. The difference between the high and low pressure switch is that the fan pressure switch has no reset device. Set value: 1.4Mpa.

Pressure switch setting value in the low temperature drying machine factory has been adjusted in place, generally do not adjust.

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