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1, food freeze dryer relay burned out

The voltage is too high or too low to run the capacitor is not repeatedly start and stop; relay specifications do not match the installation seat is not correct

2, the food freeze dryer after the start of a short period of time to stop

The ambient temperature is too high, the condenser is blocked; the compressor overload is lack of refrigerant; the low pressure is too low and the air intake is too large; the compressor is stuck

3, the compressor does not start

The connection is not correct the voltage is too low to start the capacitor to be damaged; the relay or contactor does not close the starting winding

4 compressor for overload protection action and start and stop repeatedly

Low voltage or unbalanced three-phase overload protector connected with other electrical equipment; running capacitor overload protection device failure is too small; the high discharge pressure winding short circuit between thermal relay contact cement

5, capacitor burned out

Specification mismatch voltage too high

6, exhaust pressure is too high

The refrigerant quantity is too much in the refrigeration system, and the temperature of the air condenser is too high; the fan pressure switch has a fault fan; the motor fault; the fan rotation direction is not correct

7, exhaust pressure is too low

Too few refrigerant; fan pressure switch fault

8, food freeze dryer does not run

The circuit of the compressor is disconnected; the fuse is burnt off, and the relay is operated by a high voltage switch

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