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The role of chromatography freezer:

Chromatography freezer is designed for biochemical experiments and the development of special purpose chromatography low temperature cabinet, can also be used for other needs low temperature experiments, or for refrigerated storage, through scientific design, the total height of the freezer is not more than 2 meters, is out of the room and elevator; and the space in the cabinet is high, easy to operate.

The experimental refrigerator is also called chromatography freezer, numerical control chromatography freezer, chromatography cabinet, constant temperature chromatography cabinet.

It adopts imported fully enclosed refrigerating unit, which is reliable in operation and large in refrigerating capacity;

Large capacity test environment, single door structure; high space inside the cabinet, the highest 1.7 meters, easy to operate;

The liner is made of 304 stainless steel material, which is bright and corrosion resistant. It has a double glass door with full perspective;

Chromatography freezer features:

The machine runs stably and reliably;

The 2 layer bearing shelf can be adjusted at any position, and the 2 column of the chromatographic column is fixed;

The utility model is provided with a power supply socket;

With over temperature, low temperature alarm function, automatic cutting off at low temperature, to ensure safety;

With casters, easy to move,

Multilayer bearing shelf,

Optional RS-232 interface,

All stainless steel.

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